Welcome! You’re a Salon Fan Now

The program designed by Andrea Clearfield  is a fabulous collection of talented performers  for a night open to nature and beauty.

Chuck Peck will perform solo works for shakuhachi

Delisa Myles, Breanna Rogers and Ashley Fine, dancers/choreographers will perform an original work, Garden Haiku

Nathan Tsosie will perform traditional and original melodies on the Native American Flute with percussionist Adam Albert

Storyteller Loren Russell will tell traditional Native American stories with Nathan Tsosie accompanying on Native Flute

Gabe Kovach, horn and Andrea Clearfield, piano will perform Nocturno by Franz Strauss and another chamber work to be announced.

In the next post you will learn more about each of the performers and their art. The Program offers the sounds and styles of different cultures, and the grace and beauty of modern dance.


Ultimately it’s a practice in compassion, to dance with the song of the world and to see ourselves in everything. It is my goal to give safe space and permission for each part of the circle to have expression.                                       Delisa Myles


The salon, as Clearfield arranges and hosts it, provides an opportunity to hear music in its immediate creative foment, and to fully appreciate how musical classifications like “jazz,” “classical,” “pops,” “folk,” and so on are insignificant in comparison with the expressive universality of sound and rhythm of all kinds.                                All About Jazz


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