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Music lovers, greetings. The next salon will be on Sunday, May 3, 6:30 pm. The theme is passion. The performers, in my humble view, are amazing in their commitment to practice, study, and perfection. The audience is passionate about giving their heart to the moment and honoring the beauty of music. Therefore this will be another amazing experience in the same tone and level of our first two Salons.

You are invited to the next Salon. This rich and varied program will feature Frank Smith with a talk and demonstration of the history of Jazz saxophone from the 30’s through today, Craig Yarbrough, Spanish guitar, with the works of great Spanish composers for popular and classical music, Caitanya Dasa, modern dancer, will perform the Dark Magician, Rowie Shebala, poet, will present several of her original works. These performances have been confirmed, a few others will soon be confirmed.

Raw Power of Emotion

Raw Power of Emotion

Additional details will be coming soon. Reserve the date, as this will be a very special night of upbeat and engaging performances.