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Sunday, November 13, 6:00 pm

The theme is Intimacy. Musical intimacy is intimacy to be shared with music lovers. Some musicians have the power of drawing us in and engaging our senses. The Salon will showcase untraditional and exquisite musical performers. See below for the dynamic and varied program.

Moreau-Van Tuinen Duo –  one of the only all-female percussion/euphonium duos in the vantuinen-duo-49percent-w-frameworld. It combines the richness of the marimba, the warmth of the vibraphone, and the diverse color palette of percussion with the sometimes brassy, sometimes dark, yet always beautiful euphonium sound to create a complex array of timbres. Each performance given by the duo is guaranteed to captivate the audience through its musical interpretation and unparalleled stage presence.


Bartholomew Faire will be playing music from the middle ages and bartholomew-faire-49pc-framedrenaissance as it was originally intended to be played: on authentic instruments including the harp, lute, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe, oud, and pipe & tabor. ‘Experience the Ancient’ the group slogan affirms the impact of ancient music on our present moment. Beyond the musical history you will enjoy the beauty of authentic instruments.

Myrlin Hepworth is a slam poet, one of the best today. A slam poet uses words to provoke thought on deeper societal myrlin-framedissues, make others laugh or cry or produce feelings of sadness, indignation, reflectiveness or euphoria in audiences. A poem performance comes into the listener like good music does with beautiful pitch and harmonies. Myrlin was chosen to represent the United States in the 2014 World Slam Competition. He will perform several of his acclaimed poems.


Radhika Kotwal and Yumi La Rosa — Kathak meets Flamenco. Kathak is one of the yumi-rahikamajor forms of Indian classical dance. Flamenco, the Spanish art form. Yumi and Radhika, well known and gifted dancers will perform numbers of their recent show Amor de Baile, a true musical fusion experience that highlights the essence of these two musical styles.


Doors open at 5:30 pm, performances begin at 6:00pm. Tickets $20. All proceeds go to performers. Email [email protected] if you have not received instructions to acquire tickets, or if you have a friend who wants to attend it. Exact address is provided upon acquisition of tickets. Seating is limited. Wine and small bites served at the intermission.

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