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What is the sound of silence like in the Bryce Canyon, or the sounds of mystery in The Prince of the Pagodas? One thing they both share, the ecstasy of heights and the magnificent secrets of a place. The next Salon is all about the The Love of a Place.  It is about the kind of places that, through music, speak of enduring moments in one’s life journey. Whether in the classical or popular realm they communicate with the same language about our emotions and our dreams.

For many of us travelling and music are a passion. Wandering around the world fills the imagination and music carries us to the places where our dreams lie, or memories come alive. It is easy to feel the beauty of moon light in Carolina In My Mind, or let our souls travel beyond Memphis in Graceland. For those of us who dream of visiting New Orleans before we die, City of New Orleans is a strong awaking knock every time. And in the days that the blues haunt our minds, why not ride the highway of life all night long. Better yet if we can go to places that we’ve never been, and seeing things that we’ve never seen starting every day on the Road Again with the sun keeping us company.

The Program:

Christiano Rodrigues, an award winning soloist with ASU Symphony Orchestra will perform music from Spain by Manuel de Falla and popular selections from the American repertoire by George Gershwin, for Violin and Piano.

Guitar and Violin Duo — Christiano Rodrigues and Diego Miranda, will perform a selection of Bossa Nova (Brazilian Jazz) from the master songwriter Tom Jobim, composer of the famous Girl from Ipanema song.

Gaiteiros del Valle, the best of Venezuelan vibe, will showcase their rich cultural story in the rhythms, songs, and instruments that define Venezuelan musical traditions from its most important communities.

Conner Sisters, one of the top Lindy Hop duos on the West Coast, will perform a compilation of five exciting swing dance routines. 

We look forward to seeing you.