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Truthfully, the spirits of music were on stage in mass. The Salon was an exuberant show of virtuosity, and vibrant performances. The audience was full heart and soul into the experience, and with several standing ovations showed how tuned into the music they were.

The night opened with the A Capella Syndicate. Eighteen fine individual singers who blend their voices and adapt them to so many styles of music.

A Capella Syndicate

A Capella Syndicate

The chorus played a beautiful repertoire of traditional songs and Broadway hits. How wonderful it was to watch a group who so obviously love what they do.

The beautiful cadences of tango and bossa-nova were next. Duo-Iguazu (Cello-Luciana Gallo, Guitar-Fabio Bortoloni) beautifully played tunes by Astor Piazzola, Tom Jobim, and various folk rhythms from Brazil and Argentina. The cello’s tone was so warm and elegant; both musicians were just impressive.

Then came the island style and an enthusiastic performance by Pan Devils Steel Drum Band. The sounds from Caribe–calypso, soka, reggae—raised the temperature in the room with an amazing dosage of happy beats and vibrant sounds.

The last connection with the African culture was offered by Capoeira Arizona. After a presentation on the sounds and construction of the berimbau, the main percussion instrument of the capoeira martial art, the group offered a small glimpse into the acrobatics and fighting moves of capoeira. It was so impressive to witness how the movements can change from a beautiful dance into a destructive fighting style.

Here is a first rendition of the main performances. A more polished and extensive video will be posted soon.

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The next salon will be on Sunday, November 13, 2016. Please save the date.