Welcome! You’re a Salon Fan Now

There will be about 50 people sitting on cushions, chairs, and ottomans sharing a unique moment of quality music in a scenic atmosphere. The glass doors will be wide open expanding the space into an expansive Japanese garden. The second Salon at the Garden will be another special night celebrating the rhythm, senses, and beauty of a number of exceptional performances. Salon Audience and Dancers #1You are invited to the next Salon, on Sunday, November 9. The program will include performances by the Phoenix Brass Trio, P4Q Quartet, Charles Lewis and Jazz Trio, Jorge Montes, and Yumi La Rosa. It will be a night of musical enjoyment and a few totally amazing surprises.

A Music Salon is about appreciating music in an intimate environment with people enthusiastic about listening and taking in the whole experience. For the musicians, the Salon is a promise of a responsive audience that is ready to journey with their music. Very different from the music experience of a club or a bar where distractions are a constant.

The Salon at the Garden is inspired by the work of Andrea Clearfield in Philadelphia. To learn more about the Philadelphia salon and the experience we hope to deliver in Scottsdale, please watch the brief video below.

Tickets will cost $20. The proceeds are entirely directed to the performers. Address and directions will be sent to you when you buy the tickets. There will be sodas, wine and cheese at the end. Please, mark your calendar: November 9, Sunday, 6:30 pm.

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